Too smart for her own good

Last night Skyler decided to go ahead and pull her feeding tube out of her nose. She was laying quietly and we heard a little cough. Ronnie peeked at her and found her with the tube in her hand and she looked pretty happy to have absolutely nothing attached to her face. Too bad she couldn’t stay this way! She is still taking some of her medicines through the feeding tube, even though she is drinking her bottles now. It’s just a lot easier to do it that way than try to disguise the awful taste of potassium supplements with apple juice. She knows better and gags every time. So the nurse had to come back and stick that thing back down her nose.

The doctors rounded late this morning and said they were going to try to turn off her Milrinone and see how she does. If her vitals can stay strong off the Milrinone for 24 hours, then we can most likely get moved to another floor! So our fingers are crossed now. They took another sonogram of her heart this morning and we are still waiting to hear the results of that. We are really hoping for improvement so we don’t have to stay for many more weeks!

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