Let’s move on from Tuesday’s solemn post and get back to the present. The weather is beautiful, our windows are open, and I was having a very pleasant time cleaning and playing with Skyler. My ipod was plugged into the stereo with my favorite music blasting. It was a lovely few hours, till the teenage roommate came home and turned on ESPN in addition to my music that was playing in the same room.

One part of me said Stand up for myself and don’t let him rule my household. Tell him the music was on because I wanted it to be and thus the TV needs to be off!. But the other, stronger part of me said Just deal with it. Go in my room and cry tears of desperation but avoid the conflict. It’s only 70 more days still I get my house back and don’t have to deal with these kinds of annoyances.

So I weigh the two options back and forth, and by the time I think maybe I’ll stand up for myself and my household, it’s been several minutes and the situation would be more awkward because what would he think, did it start bothering me 15 minutes after the fact and I’m just now saying something? Why the delay? Did I have to muster up the courage to put a 17-year-old in his place? The right moment had come and gone and the longer the TV was on, the more my courage faltered. Why can’t I have the cajones of some of my more expressive, say-what-they-are-thinking friends? Even Ronnie wouldn’t have let it go, but then again, it’s his brother.

Ah well, the day started out well anyways. I snapped these cute pics of Skyler playing on the couch with Pink Bear. I love how in the first pic their little butts and feet are in the same exact position. The two of them are so cute together!

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