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Yesterday we had a family portrait session with Rebecca, and this time to include a lot more of the family: my parents, my brothers, and my Grandma. We met Rebecca down in the West Bottoms area of downtown to get some unique urban shots instead of the traditional park setting we’ve done in the past. Various things happened leading up to the shoot that made me think I should’ve cancelled until another time, like Skyler’s bad hair day (that NEVER happens), or the mosquito that bit her cheek on the ride there. And then as we got out of our cars at the first meeting place, when the fighter jets flew right overhead because the KC Airshow was going on less than a mile away, I knew this was a disaster waiting to happen. Skyler buried her face and slapped her hands over her ears in terror.

But we trudged on through to some alleyways, and luckily, the airshow took a long and quiet break so we got in lots of uninterrupted shots. Rebecca showed me several previews on her camera throughout the session, and I was so excited by what I saw! It’s going to be a couple weeks till we see all the images, but I’m now confident that it was worth the hurdles and I’m glad we stuck it out! I don’t know how I would’ve been able to coordinate everyone’s schedules again during nice weather without having to wait another year!

In other news, we have a fun Fall coming up, and this recent mild weather is getting me into the mood for the cooldown. Skyler’s birthday is fast approaching, we’ll be riding in our first Bikers for Babies the week after that, a girls’ trip to Hermann Missouri for winery tours, and then a Chief’s game at the end of October. Oh, and I suppose this will be Skyler’s first real Halloween since she’ll be old enough for trick-or-treating! So we have a lot to look forward to, which will pretty much carry us into November, which is Holiday time, and then all of a sudden it’s going to be 2010. Yikes.

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