Things to Look Forward To

I love this time of year! The days begin to warm, things start turning green, and people start making plans to fill the summer weekends. It’s barely April, and our summer is already starting to feel full! And the fun starts so soon –

* This Friday a few of my best girlfriends are coming to town. I’m taking the afternoon off so we can shop, go out to eat, and head out on the town. Skyler will be staying with my mother-in-law because Ronnie is also headed out with friends to a concert.

* May 30th is Rockfest. It will be a rockin’ good time to enjoy the weather, some hard rock, and as always, the amazing people watching that goes along with a crowd of 50,000 rock n’ roll fans.

* June is about to be non-existent for free time. I’ll be headed to St. Louis mid-June for a Keith Urban concert, and our annual big float trip with friends is set for the last weekend. Somewhere in there I’d like to throw a big house party to celebrate having our house back to just the three of us, but I’m not sure where to fit that in, especially b/c of the prep time required.

* The second weekend in July, Ronnie and I are headed to Vegas, along with my best friend and her husband. We’re planning an extended weekend to relax at the pool, eat amazing food, and maybe win some money at a three card poker table if we’re lucky. Ronnie and I are also hoping to get tickets to UFC 100 which is taking place there that weekend. Those tickets go on sale this week, so we’ll know in a few days if we’re able to obtain a pair.

* Sometime in August we’ll be headed toward Jefferson City to hang out at our friends’ newly built cabin and also meet another friend’s new baby girl who should be arriving in July.

Somewhere between all that we hope to take the Harley out together, and of course, spend quality time with Skyler for her first summer as a mobile child!

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