The Surreal Life

My ten year high school reunion was last weekend, and while it was a nice time, overall I left it with a very weird feeling! It was like a time warp back, seeing all these faces that I hadn’t seen most of them in ten years, and then there were the few that I still keep in touch with that wasn’t weird to see them at all, and then there were the people that I haven’t actually seen in so long but I’ve been able to stay updated with their lives on Myspace. It was just a strange jumble of weirdness, like a brief alternate reality. And now it’s over and back to my normal present life! It’s a very hard feeling to describe.

The best part was the friendliness. People that didn’t hang out much in high school were just as glad to see each other as people that did. It was like everyone was on equal playing fields, and any old cliques had mostly disappeared. I say mostly, because I did hear some gossip of things from the past that had been brought up again between certain people, but otherwise, everyone was really cool with each other. Most people looked pretty much the same, with the biggest difference being the guys, who were almost all still a bit boyish our senior year, and they had all grown up into men! And then there was the married couple who in high school ran in completely different circles, “met” at a bar several years after graduating, and are now expecting their second child!

My only complaint was the lack of participation, although I think some of that was a lack of communication. We graduated with a class of over 400 people, and there were only just over 100 invites that went out for the event. Just over half of the invites actually showed up. I think they hoped word of mouth and Myspace/Facebook websites would find everyone, but no other efforts were made to locate the rest of the class members, so that was kind of sad.

All in all, great time, and I’m glad I went! Here are a couple pics:

This was the group photo from the reunion. My camera was not behaving well, so it didn’t turn out great. I wish I could find our class photo from highschool to compare. It would be sad to see who all is missing from this!

I took this photo of the actual print that was displayed at the reunion. This is a group of us girls on the night of high school graduation. In the top row of three girls, I’m the one on the right!

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  1. your post reminded me of my HS reunion experience. i had a blast but it was pretty strange at the same time. most everyone talked to each other as mature adults but there was ‘that one clique’ – a few of the popular ones that just couldn’t give it a rest. where did you go to HS anyway?

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