The Joy of Soy

The Pigster is back! Skyler has been downing her bottles of soy formula since we introduced it two nights ago. Today, she has eaten about 28 ounces, and she hasn’t even had her late bottle yet! Her “dinner” bottle tonight was 7 ounces, which she’s only done one other time in her life! Now, I just hope that when we finish the cans of Isomil (Similac soy), that she’ll be okay with the generic soy flavor, because regular Similac was expensive enough. I really don’t want to have to pay a few more bucks a can for the soy kind! But as long as she’s eating, we’ll pay whatever it takes.

One lovely side effect of soy formula is the dark green muddy poop. I don’t know if this is just her body adjusting, or if this is what we’re stuck with. But it’s some nasty stuff! The poop isn’t the only thing that smells though – the soy formula smells like french fry grease to me, and it makes Skyler smell like that when she sweats! I go to get her up from a nap in her crib and I smell french fries. Normally that might be appetizing, but not when you are picking up your baby!

On another note, my pregnant friends are quickly diminishing in number! In the last couple weeks, 3 baby girls have been born! The one born today was a short & chunky 18 inches and 9 pounds, 3 ounces of adorableness! Next, I’ll be heading to the baby shower for another friend this weekend, for her soon-to-be little boy named Owen.

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