The best toys

Of all Skyler’s cool toys, the best ones to keep her entertained seem to be the kind that don’t cost money. Like my hands. She loves nothing more than to hold my fingers with each of her hands, and just twist and turn and maneuver my hand around in front of her face. She gets so focused on it that I can barely release my fingers from her grip! You would think she’d be happy enough to play with her own two hands, but not when there is a big one to play with! It’s so amazing to watch her furrow her brow as she concentrates on my fingers and how she can make them bend and straighten.

She has also begun to enjoy “peek-a-boo.” She sat on my lap facing me today while I covered my face with my hands and then pulled them away quickly saying “peek-a-boo!” and smiling really big. Her face lit up and she laughed at me. We did it four or five times, producing a laugh each time, until finally she fixated her eyes on something on the other side of the room.

It is definitely getting easier to make her laugh. I think she’s starting to realize our normal talking rhythms, so when we do “goofy” stuff, she knows it’s different and laughs at us. Ronnie is especially good at it!

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