That’s my goal, ten pounds. Ten pounds lighter gets me comfortably into all my old clothes. And it is not an unreasonable number, because at my thinnest (a little over two years ago) I was even twenty pounds lighter than I am now. So ten seems like a healthy, attainable goal. I’m blogging about this personal matter because I must get it in writing and get my goal in front of others’ eyes so that I have a reason to stick to it. When it’s my own personal goal, I am the worst slacker! So, I’m putting it down here, and I’m also going to report on my quantity and quality of exercise in at least one blog post per week, and grade myself on nutrition (not diet because I’m really just trying to eat in a healthy way that I can sustain for life).

I’d like to say ten pounds in ten weeks, but my vacation is only seven weeks away, so if I could lose ten in seven, that would be even better! It’s definitely doable, if I can actually stick to it. Really any progress would be grand, because I’ve been stuck in the same 5 pound area of the scale since only a couple months after I had Skyler, so somethings got to give!

So at my starting point, I’m going to brave it and post those dreaded numbers I see on the scale: 135.

Since Tuesday I’ve been eating mostly wholesome foods, and tonight I did a 40 minute workout video.

Hopefully I can stick it through and actually reach my goal in the next couple months. In the meantime, if a week goes by and I haven’t mentioned anything regarding this goal, PLEASE SOMEONE, leave me a comment and ask me how it’s going so I have to fess up!

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  2. Good for you! You’re my hero, you already look amazing anyway! I would love to get back in shape, however I, unlike you, am not brave enough to put it in writing because then it becomes real. If it’s not in writing it is easier to find the mere thought of working out just as satisfying as the real thing. 🙂

  3. Go Lori! That is awesome. I think you already look good! But you GO GIRL! You are pretty brave, you put it in writing, it’s definitly gonna keep you going for sure. So, how are things going?! I know, i know it has only been a day, but I will totally be on your a***. HA! Good Luck!

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