Technology hiatus

I’ve slowed down on my blogging.
I haven’t checked Facebook much.
I haven’t even thought about Tweeting.
My camera is full of photos to download and edit.

The past few weeks I’ve felt out of touch with the usual technology in my life. I just haven’t been feeling it. Normally every day I want to see what’s going on with Facebook or I have something new to blog about. Or I just want to get online and look something up. But it hasn’t been occurring to me lately to do any of these things, and I don’t even miss it!

I do hope it’s just a phase though. I really do enjoy taking pictures and editing them and sharing them on here and on Facebook. I enjoy writing and the freedom of expression I have here on this blog. Maybe I just need a little break. As the weather gets colder and there’s less to do outside I’ll likely find myself back in here at the computer more often like I used to be!

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