Success with baths and medicine!

Skyler amazed me not once, but twice last night with some newfound maturities!

She has become a little overzealous in her eating. So, after puking her entire dinner up (6 ounces of formula and WAY TOO MUCH cereal), a bath was necessary. I hate giving her baths because she hates me for it. But last night I laid her in the bathtub with a burp cloth behind her. It was just the way I was carrying her since she was really messy and I was trying to keep myself clean. The amazing thing was, with the burp cloth behind her, she didn’t even cry or wince as soon as her butt hit the water! I was sure the whining would start any second, but we made it through the entire bath without a tear! She just looked around like it was no big thing. Maybe it was a fluke, or maybe having the cloth behind her back and bottom made her feel more secure in the tub. So we will definitely try it again next time!

She also did really well taking her meds last night, and even better this morning. She did a lot less crying last night, and this morning she didn’t cry at all or try to spit anything out! I was able to squeeze little bits in her mouth and she would close it and actually let herself taste the medicine and swallow. It was almost as if she liked it. Of course, this is another thing that could’ve been a fluke, but I’m hoping that she is getting used to it and realizing that it doesn’t actually hurt to take medicine!

Also, be sure to watch Skyler in her latest video. So far, no one has viewed that post, and it’s too cute to ignore. I think it might be just far enough down the page that people don’t realize it’s there. But we actually caught a giggle on video, so be sure to check it out.

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