Sorting and kissing

Skyler is up to lots of business these days. No matter what she’s doing, she’s always very busy! She loves anything that has to do with her hands, especially sorting her baby food items in the cabinet. Lately, her favorite source of entertainment is to crawl over to the lazy susan in the kitchen, where I keep all her food and snacks on the bottom shelf. She will take stuff out and put it back in, over and over and over. She especially loves the container of Cheerios because she can shake it really hard and make noise.

She also “helps” me clean her room.. She goes around to all the lower level shelves and drawers and takes everything out of them, while I go around behind her and put it all back away. We could probably go around in this circle for hours, but as the smarter one of the bunch, I pick her up and take her to a different room before things get too old! In the same way, she loves to fold the laundry with me. She takes clothes out of the basket and puts them on her head to show off. She sets them down beside her and them puts them back in the basket. It’s so funny to me how she tries to do the things I do, even though she’s actually just making more work for me!

The best development of all, she’s kissing now! I know in a dozen years or so I’ll be sad we ever taught her this, but right now, it’s the most adorable thing! I can sit on the floor and call her from across the room to “come give me a kiss” and she’ll crawl right over to my face and put her mouth to mine. Or I can just hold her and say the same, so she turns her head to press her face onto my face. Sometimes she’s a bit too generous with her kisses though. She often times has a big string of drool spilling over right about the time her lips touch mine, which makes for quite the mess! But it’s so cute and sweet I just eat it up every time!

Finally, she has one word that she calls everything: “Bah!” She typically yells it very clearly and points at things. I’d sure like to know what she’s really trying to say, but whatever it is, she’s very emphatic about it!

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  1. Kisses from your child is one of the best things in the world, and no matter how slobbery, you just can’t get enough!

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