So, here’s the deal

Alrighty, then, Skyler is not quite in bed yet but her daddy is here now so he can work on that project while I work on this one – not that putting her to bed is much work – she’s so sweet when she says “nigh night” from her crib as we close the door and turn out the lights. So onto this Chevy Traverse business!

Here’s what’s crackin’:
Along with four other KC-area mommy bloggers, I get to test drive a brand new Chevy Traverse for 8 weeks. The first 4 weeks I get the LS model, which is the base. There is nothing really base model about it though – it has everything I’m used to and more (like SPACE!). Once the first 4 weeks has passed, I will be delivered a new LTZ model, which is the top of the line with all the fixin’s. Woot!

In return for the free 2 month test drive, I just have to talk about it. And what better way, than to blog! So I’ll be blogging here some, but moreso over there, at, where the other 4 mommies will also be blogging! Also look for some likely-to-be-awkward video blogs by yours truly. We got hooked up with these handy little Flip video cameras, so I’ll be trying my hand at that soon enough.

Flip Video camera on Chevy Traverse hood
Flip Video camera on Chevy Traverse hood

In addition, there are some fun incentives including free one-hour massages at Massage Envy, grocery store gift cards, and a trip to a Royal’s game. I’m sure this will be terribly rough.

Lastly, though I’m sure I’ll have lots more on this later, THIS IS A CONTEST. I need votes to win. What do I win? Besides being voted KC’s fave mom blogger, I’ll get a couple rooms at Tan Tar a and a hefty amount of spa bucks to share with a few girlfriends. Or just me. We’ll see, bribes welcome. But I have to win first! So anyone who reads this – please go to and vote for me!

Oh, oh, oh, I forgot to add, there are free massages to be given for those of you that head up to your local KC Chevy dealer and test drive a Traverse yourself. Did you hear that? FREE MASSAGES. (I’m talking to you Deborah and Beth.) And they’re not given by the Parts & Service guys at Chevy; you’ll get one from a pro with your very own Massage Envy 1 hour gift card.

Finally (and you thought I was done 2 paragraphs ago!), as I wrap up tonight, I tried to get a cute pic of Skyler’s first ride in the new car. Unfortunately, she hates leaving daycare (I guess that’s a good thing?), so she just wasn’t in the mood for her first Chevy Traverse photo opp –

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  1. […] 2009 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? None that I can think of, really. But the whole Mommy Madness thing where I got to drive the Chevy Traverse for the months of May and June, that was pretty dang cool. […]

  2. How exciting! How about if I test drive one in Fremont NE, can I some how work out a deal for the free massage…that would be fabulous!

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