Snot and Boogers

We’re swimming in them right now, well Skyler is, anyway, and leaving the trails of slime and crusties on the couch cushions, her Pink Bear, and our clothing. She’s a pitiful case of constantly runny nose, goopy eyeballs, and an icky cough that brings her to tears each time because it hurts her throat! She’s even got a low grade fever. On top of it, looks like her canine teeth have just cut through on the bottom in the last couple days, so I’m sure that hasn’t been helping her comfort level any!

On a positive note, she’s really snuggly when she isn’t feeling good, so we’ve had lots of cuddle time this weekend.

Earlier tonight I was rocking her in her room, and her aquarium crib music thingy was playing for the first time in months (Ronnie just replaced the batteries today). The song (Canon in D) took my mind back to when she was in the hospital almost a year ago. The nurses had brought her that same crib toy to help soothe her. My own tears just welled up as I remembered that crazy rough time in our lives, when I had no idea if we would be sitting here, almost a year later, soothing a cold. I can’t believe we’re through that and now battling normal childhood sickness. I’m now strangely thankful for these little colds and fevers because they are a normal part of life that I’d much rather be dealing with than the problems we dealt with a year ago. I’ll take this stuff anyday than have to go through all that again!

Hopefully Skyler will kick this thing soon enough and be back to her healthy adorable self.

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