Small Stranger

I think the fortune cookie predicted pretty well. We’ve been home for three days now and Skyler has definitely been different! Mostly, she’s wonderful. She’s so much easier to get smiles and laughs out of than ever before. She’s constantly kicking her legs and reaching for things. There is just a lot more energy in her little body. And, she’s been eating like a champ. She eats four to six ounces every bottle, and then we’ve been giving her cereal with bananas in it three or four times a day, and she eats as much as we make! I already feel like her arms are starting to fill out a bit.

However, she is so sensitive now. I really think she has flashbacks of getting her blood drawn sometimes when Ronnie and I pick her up or change her diaper. She will just scream bloody murder. And, she can go from laughing to crying in a split second, for no apparent reason. I feel bad for her, because I think she’s just terribly traumatized. I hope so much that the bad memories will fade and she can be comfortable with normal life again.

Here is a video that closely represents the “new” Skyler – this is how she spends much of her waking time these days! And the doc said she might never be a marathon runner…

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