I have so many things to blog about! Pictures and video from the last couple weeks, and lots of stories! But various things have hindered my blogging abilities as of late, two being the biggest issues:

1) I have limited to no Internet connection at home! It seems we might need a new wireless router, and that is just not something I want to purchase right now, because that would involve a trip to one of the crazy, insanely busy electronic stores during holiday season. I think it’s going to have to wait till mid-January at the soonest. How am I blogging now? I’m at work on my lunch break!

2) I got the Stephanie Meier’s Twilight book series for my birthday, so I’ve been a little bit obsessed with vampires as of late. I got the books last Friday and I’m already almost finished with book 2, New Moon. When at home these days, I’m frantically reading page after page as I yearn to find out the fate of Bella and Edward. And that Edward…whoo! That is one hot vampire! I basically only take breaks to feed and change Skyler, and that’s about it. I haven’t even been paying attention to my own hunger! Thank goodness Skyler can easily entertain herself these days. I wonder if she’s missing me…

Anyhow, the other thing I’m so excited to write is that I got the camera I was wanting from my Christmas list! Ronnie couldn’t wait any longer so he gave it to me Friday. He had gotten all my family and even some of his together to go in on it. I can’t wait to get started playing with it (I haven’t done that either because, well, TWILIGHT!)

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  1. I 100% support slacking when you are doing it for a good cause: Twilight. I will let you know that for about 7 days post Breaking Dawn, I had some pretty intense withdrawal from the series. If you haven’t heard Stephanie M. started to write Twlight from Edward’s perspective. It’s called New Moon and if you’re having a hard time recovering, it will help ease the pain:

    it’s only one chapter. You could sneak it in over a lunch break so your daughter isn’t neglected 🙂

  2. LOL- I just borrowed Twilight from my little sister Sunday, started it last night at 11:00 and now I am half way done with it. I have taken every opportunity today to sneak in chapters. I was elated today when C slept for 1-1/2 hours! I think moms just need a break now and then and what better way to spend them than with super incredibly hot 17 year old vampires?

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