Skyler’s Daddy

Gotta give a shout out to Skyler’s Daddy! She and I are so lucky to have him in our lives. He is the most selfless man, always thinking of ways to make us smile and take care of us. I love that he and I “fight” over Skyler and who gets to hold her, feed her, play with her, and even change her. The only thing he has trouble with is poopy diapers, which I don’t mind so it’s no big deal!

I love to watch him with her. He just turns into this baby-talking softy of a man. He does the silliest things to make her laugh. He’s come up with nearly all her nicknames, and he makes up funny songs to sing to her. When we are with family, he is always on top of things and just takes control with her. There’s never been a time that he made me feel like taking care of a baby was “woman’s work.” He has helped make motherhood even more of a blessing with me, because he’s so excited about fatherhood that we share in all the responsibilities of parenthood. He makes being a mom easy for me!

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