Shooting Blanks

I think every blogger can attest to the phenomenon. Every day thoughts run through your head of this great topic to blog today, once you find the time. You imagine how whitty or profound the post would be, but by the time you find the time, if that ever happens, you can’t remember what it was and have no idea of anything else important to say that’s worth typing. That’s how I’ve been lately when I’ve found the few moments I could get some typing done.

It makes me think of a cool invention – what if you could blog your thoughts telepathically? I envision this headset you could wear, or maybe just an ear piece, something like the Bluetooth thing, that you could just press a button when you thought of a good blog topic, and it would telepathically send your thoughts to a draft section of your blog. You probably wouldn’t want it published right away, because at least for myself, I type differently than I think, so I’d want to go in and make the words flow smoothly before going public with my thoughts. But gosh, that would keep the ideas flowing and I’d probably never have to worry about not having any inspiration to type!

There are two easy topics I have yet to compose, inspired by other bloggers. I was “tagged” a long time ago by Maria to do a piece on Ronnie and me: a questionnaire about our relationship and how we met, complete with photos. The other is to post my Christmas list. That one should be pretty easy, so in fact I may go ahead and do that one and set it up to automatically publish in another day or two, that way I’ve got time to get inspired for whatever my next blog post will be!

I did attend two very different holiday parties in the last two weekends, one a “middle-school” theme that involved lots of tight-rolled pants and stonewashed denim, and the other was my company’s semi-formal swanky shindig, so I’ve got some great pics to post from both, coming up!


4 responses to “Shooting Blanks”

  1. hahaha, you’re funny. i have so many ‘brilliant’ thoughts throughout the day for my blog, but is my blog ‘brilliant’? heck no.
    i’ve been thinking about doing a ‘Question of the Week’ on my blog. …stay tuned. 😉

  2. I do the same thing with the blog. I will think of something interesting to write about then when I find time to do it the thought is gone. I’m glad to hear it happens to other people as well!

  3. You just explained an every day even that occurs with me. I think of something so profound (at least I think it is) and by the end of the day, it is gone, and most the time, never gets posted. bummer! I like your invention, that would be perfect. Technology these days, you just never know:)!

  4. Great blog entry topics! Don’t be surprised if they show up in my blog soon. Iol

    I too have so many ideas come to me throughout the day but never make it to the page. If I come up with some new, creative way to get them there I’ll let you know.

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