We came back from lunch and Skyler is sleeping soundly. She just fell asleep. At the same time we are walking into the room, two ladies who introduced themselves as “Music Therapy” were walking in to do therapy with Sky’s roommate. What the heck? They are playing the guitar and singing to him. Of course, right when they walked in, one of them dropped the tom-tom drum on the floor which made a large bang and woke Skyler up. She’s crying now. Nice. That’s great they can help one kid, at the expense of the other!

I’m about to shoot someone. I think I’ll try to go nap in one of the McDonald rooms instead. Probably a safer and less criminal option.

2 responses to “Seriously!”

  1. What?!! There’s absolutely no way Hank would sleep through that. Everyone that’s ever had a hospital stay talks about how you can’t get any rest. …although you’re supposed to rest and heal.
    I hope Skyler can get off the meds soon!

  2. They have music thearpy in the PICU- that is insane!! “Hospital time” came be a real challenge- so many ups and downs. Know that whole community of people are praying for you guys. Hang in there and try to get some rest.

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