I don’t do horoscopes. I just don’t believe in that kind of stuff. However every now and then I run across my scope for the day, and it’s interesting to read what generic piece of advice they come up with. Today was this:

Your mind can’t escape your financial situation — even if it’s never been better! You may want to make a little more at work, or you may want to pay down some debt. Whatever it is, go for it soon!

Funny thing is, Saturday morning I geeked out over creating a budget tracker for us in Excel, and I’ve been obsessed with it pretty much everyday since. Between paying off debt and adjusting to the bigger expenses that come with our new car, oh, and I won’t mention the SEVEN overdraft charges at $35 each for seven transactions that were under $10 each that hit us last week when we forgot to transfer some funds (don’t do the math it’s just plain STUPID)…yeah, I’ve been a little financially obsessed lately!

It’s just crazy how we can feel so broke all the time, but when I sit down to do our income vs expenses, there’s lots of money left over. It’s even more sobering to do our taxes for last year and see our income statements, but wonder why we don’t have massive savings at the end of the year. Did we really spend every dime we made? For WHAT?!?! Let’s see….McDonald’s, Jimmy John’s, Chipotle….the only thing I have to show for that is a couple muffin tops above the waist of my jeans. And that’s a whole other issue of discussion on how I spent last year!

So we’ve tightened our belt loops and are really trying to plan ahead for our “discretionary” spending better than we have in the past. I hope that McDonald’s and Chipotle will soon become truly a treat and won’t have their own pie piece in our budget chart this year!


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