RSV, round two

Last night we took our second trip to Urgent Care this week. The first was on Monday when Sky’s fever spiked way up. She was diagnosed with an ear infection and given antibiotics, which the doctors also said might help with her cough. She seemed to improve the following day, and by Wednesday, was fever-less and back at daycare.

But low and behold, yesterday afternoon her daycare called me and said she woke up from her afternoon nap in pretty bad shape, and a 102 degree temp. I picked her up and started to head home, but then watched her breathing in the rear-view mirror while she sat in her carseat, and it was really fast, even though she was dozing off to sleep. So I turned in the direction of Urgent Care to be on the safe side.

They checked her out again and said her ears were improving and her elevated breathing was due to her fever. They did listen to her lungs to make sure but said they sounded good. Since her overall condition had not really improved since Monday and she was feverish again, they tested her for both the flu and RSV to see if it was viral. The RSV test came back positive. Luckily they thought since she’d been sick for several days, this was probably the peak and she should be improving from now on.

So this morning I’m home with her, and around noon Ronnie will come home to stay the rest of the afternoon with her so I can head to work. Besides sleeping late and going back down for a nap at 9:30 this morning, her overall mood is better and we’ve kept her fever under control as well. Her cough also seems to be drying up today, and isn’t as frequent. So hopefully she’s on the mend for real this time!

4 responses to “RSV, round two”

  1. Poor Skyler! Hopefully she will recover quickly be back to her little self again. I love the picture of her “let loose” in the kitchen.

  2. man, what a bummer! hope she recovers super quick! my cousin’s 2 mo. old just spent 6 days in the hospital w/RSV, but newborns don’t kick it as well as toddlers.
    hope she’s feeling well soon – i was just going to see if you guys and cory wanted to come over sometime! maybe in a week or 2!

  3. Don’t you wish you could take all her misery onto yourself? I hate seeing Aubrey suffer. I sure hope she gets better soon! Take care!

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