Room upgrade!

We finally made it out of PICU! I arrived this morning to hear Skyler screaming while her nurse was searching for a good vein to start a new IV. She said in order to move to another floor, we had to remove her arterial IV (the one she was receiving meds through but had been off for 24 hours) in her neck and start a normal one. Luckily, she gave up and called the vascular team so the “experts” could try.

Once the new IV was in and the old one out, Skyler was one happy camper! I brought the real camera and she lit up for it with some great smiles.

Our new room is so much better! We have our own bathroom and shower, twin bed, recliner, TV/DVD player, and fridge. Skyler doesn’t have a roommate, and won’t get one! The nurses will only check vitals every four hours instead of two. And, Skyler can have as many visitors as we can fit it room from 9 to 9!

Still no word on how long we’ll be here, but at least now it’s much more bearable for everyone!

7 responses to “Room upgrade!”

  1. Way to go Skyler!!! Look at you upgrading your vacation room….whats the view like?
    I want to come up at see you soon, but I am going to get over my cold first!!! I dont want to get you sick..i think your mom and your dad would give me black eyes if not worse! 🙂

  2. Yeah, Skyler! I cannot wait to see the new pictures of her smiling! She is such a strong little girl. We will continue to pray and send good thoughts for her quick recovery!

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