Last year, I didn’t make any. I was already on the quest to lose the baby weight, so I didn’t really feel like it counted, and that was enough of a project that I didn’t want to add any new goals to last year.

But now I’m here another year later and still haven’t lost the last of the baby weight. I’ll admit that my motivation went in phases last year, and once my beach vacation had come and gone, I think the weight loss motivation for 2008 had been spent! I pretty much gave up the last couple months of the year, thinking hey its winter, I’ll enjoy the break, and soon enough I’ll feel disgusted enough with my self and start having to wear my immediatly post-pregnancy pants again and realize its time to get back in the fitness groove.

And that time has come soon enough, as I just pulled out a pair of jeans that I’d purchased a few months after Skyler was born that had gotten too big for me over the summer, and now they fit just fine again. Yuck!

So today I finally did two things:

1) I enrolled in the online South Beach Diet program. It’s free for the first 7 days so I can figure out if this is going to be doable. It requires a lot more food prep than I’m used to, but overall the menu looks tasty!

2) I picked up Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred workout video from Target. I’ve heard great things about this one, and since each workout is only about 20 minutes, I have ZERO excuses to not find time for it. I did the beginner workout tonight and thought I was going to die. Sad.

So, I’m back on track, officially starting Monday. Hopefully I do better this time around than I did last time I posted fitness goals on here! And this time, my goal is fifteen pounds, since I’m a few up from where I was last time I made the goal of ten.

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  1. GOOD LUCK! I am gonna need to get the 30 day shred after this baby pops out! I have a feeling I am going to be weighing quite a bit more after this one!

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