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– Skyler is repeating so many words lately! If she knows what something is and I point to it and say it, she tries to say the word also. It’s so cute because her versions are vary toddlerific – diaper is “biper,” up is “Puh,” Bruno is “Bobo,” pasta is “papa,” and so on. It’s pretty adorable.

– We are thinking hard about getting rid of our diesel Jetta and getting something bigger (and something that starts up easily on cold mornings!). Ronnie has had the pleasure on recent weekends of getting Skyler in and out of the backseat of that car, and commented “Sure glad I don’t have to do this everyday” at which time I gave him my “square-eyed” look of death. I am very at odds with that car and would love the chance to drive something different. That car and I just don’t mesh. Since I took over driving it, the battery went out on the key fob so I have to manually lock/unlock the doors (not easy when I have a child and purse in my hands already), the wiper fluid pump broke, the brake lights went out, the stereo shorted out, and the passenger side door will only open from the outside. And this is the nicer of our two cars (unless you count the Harley!).

– Since starting the South Beach Diet and working out about five times a week for the last three weeks, I have lost six pounds and even up to an inch in certain places on my body! This is the most progress I’ve had in any efforts to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. And I feel great! The diet itself has not been hard and I’ve learned some great new recipes. I’m also eating so many more veggies than I have in the past and that just makes me feel healthier. A couple girlfriends at work have committed to working out with me on our lunch hour three times a week and we haven’t missed a beat. We’ve mostly been doing the Power90X cardio videos, and I can feel myself getting stronger and more toned. It is like a new high to finally feel stronger, healthier, and leaner than I have in a long, long time! I’m almost halfway to my goal, and my motivation has not yet faltered!


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  1. You are looking great Lori, keep up the good work. And thanks for sharing all your DVD’s so we can be hotties this summer too!

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