Push-ups and Peekaboo

Skyler is sneaky with her developmental skills. When she is on her tummy, she is usually too content to even try pushing up or rolling over. If she isn’t content, she will just fuss face down till she gets picked up. She might use her legs to try and roll, but never her arms. But then I had her on her tummy in her room as I was putting stuff away, and she just pushes up and turns her head up and back to see what I’m doing. What the heck? She’s got the skills, she just chooses not to do them! Sneaky little thing

Last night was one of our best Friday nights with her. In the past, it seems like we look so forward to spending a quiet Friday evening at home with her, but it never fails she ends up with a tummy ache or something. But last night she was one happy camper! We had so much fun playing with her and just trading smiles and giggles. She even initiated a game of peekaboo! Normally I’m the one covering my face and then uncovering it to make her laugh. But she was laying on Ronnie’s chest and she’d bury her face in it, then use her arm to push off and lift her head to face me. She’d look at me with big expectant eyes and I’d say “peekaboo” and she’d smile really big and then bury her face again. Then she’d push off again and look at me, wait for me to say it, smile really big and again, face down in Ronnie’s chest. I bet she did it a dozen times. It was the most socially interactive thing she has initiated herself thus far! It just amazed us how much she has grown and changed.

Another development is that she’s learning to shake and throw things. She loves to hold her toy and just shake it up and down, and she’s even extending her arm back behind her head and then rocketing the toy forward into the ground. While it seems like a good physical development, it also makes me nervous that we may have to start some form of discipline soon if she starts liking to throw things too much…but we’ll wait and see on that!

She is also almost TOO aware of her surroundings. I can’t hardly get her to drink a bottle these days because she’s constantly looking around and getting distracted. She just never seems very interested anymore! She’s not eating nearly as much as she used to, but she’s still super happy and growing, so I guess that’s just fine. It’s just odd when she can be satisfied with 2 ounces at breakfast when she hasn’t eaten for nine hours overnight!

All her developments are just so cool to me. Every day I wonder how she could be any more fun than she is now. She is such a sweet blessing to us!

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