– A friend is wanting to get rid of her Chevy Tahoe, and is offering us a great deal to buy it. So we’ve listed the Jetta for sale. If we can get what we want for the Jetta, and the Tahoe is still available, I’ll have a nice new ride. But I’m not getting my hopes up…if it doesn’t work out then we’ll probably just pay the Jetta off and get a new vehicle next summer.

– Today we hit up Home Depot to take advantage of 12 months no interest so we could do some house projects. We got some stone tile for the kitchen backsplash, and wainscoting for the guest bathroom – it was either that or a bunch of new drywall since we had to tear holes in the wall looking for a leak that turns out was created by a mouse chewing through the icemaker hose – that is, the icemaker hose that we don’t even use b/c it needs a new filter so we just buy bags of ice instead. Yeah, I know what a waste? It’s just not something I think of. Ever. Except when buying bags of ice, but they don’t have filters at the grocery store, so what’s the point? So stupid mouse caused a leak in a hose whose soul purpose is for something we don’t even use. And now we have big holes in three walls; behind the dishwasher, in a closet, and in the guest bathroom. So the wainscoting will patch the bathroom holes but also add a really nice, clean, decorative touch to that bathroom. So it’s an upgrade, I guess you can say.

P.S. – did anyone know that mice love dogfood? While looking for the leak, Ronnie pulled the dishwasher out, and found a giant stash of dogfood under the dishwasher. I guess they were saving it for a rainy day?

P.P.S. – Did I mention we have mice? Awesome.

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  1. That stinks! About three months ago we thought we had a squirrel or mouse in our attic. Jake put some poison up there, the scratching and jumping in the walls stopped a day later. We have yet to find a body in the attic. Hmmmmm, gross, huh? Yet, to ever find the gross dead smell either.

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