SOLD “Alive”- 16″ x 20″ wood block wall art


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After painting through the grief of my grandmother’s passing with a previous smaller wood block wall art piece called “Spirit”, I was inspired to start a new collection in this style. This is the first larger piece, painted on approximately 16″ x 20″ birch plywood. It is a celebration of life, because we’ve been given this gift for such a short time. We can grow and change and love and learn. Seek beauty and adventure, and consider the legacy we leave behind when we are gone. It’s a gift not to be wasted.

This bright abstract painted wood panel has turquoise, lime green and soft, cool yellow, swirled with black, white and grays. There are a few shiny gold metallic studs placed throughout the pattern. This art piece will add vibrance and life to any space, and should serve as a reminder to savor these precious moments, and take advantage of the gift that is your life.