Potty, Breaks

I had forgotten about how when I post a blog that describes a particular challenge we are going through with Skyler, that usually means the tides will turn shortly after it’s posted and we’ll find ourselves on the other side of it.

And so it goes with the potty training – we’ve done a one-eighty into the world of toddler-initiated potty time and a massive slowdown in the production of dirty diapers since I posted about our battles a week or so ago. Maybe it was Grandma magic, because Skyler spent Thursday afternoon through mid-Saturday with Grandma, when apparently something clicked. She started asking to go to the potty, did her business, and was done. In our house, she hasn’t worn a diaper during the day since Saturday, and I don’t think that was much. At night she’s wearing a Pull-Up and waking up dry and going to the potty first thing.

I don’t know what happened – we didn’t change our strategy, and if anything had relaxed a bit after that first week of potty training that was miserable for all of us. But I guess it’s like they say, when they’re ready, they’ll get it. And I’m not saying we’ll never buy diapers or Pull-Ups again, but we’ve made enough progress finally that I can actually imagine our world without those supplies in the near future. And just in time – we’ve booked our Florida beach vacation for October and I really wanted Skyler potty trained by then.

So yeah, Florida in October, I CANNOT WAIT! It’s been a long time in the planning and can’t come soon enough. We’ll roadtripping with my parents down to Amelia Island where my Grandma, Aunt and Uncle live for a few days to visit them. Then will be driving across Florida to the gulf side (praying the oil spill hasn’t reached this area by then), and staying at a condo on Anna Maria Island, where we got married over 4 years ago. Ronnie’s mom and step dad will be meeting us there also. It will be a long trip but hopefully a lowkey relaxing time for us to spend as a family.

Today I took the day off work to relax and get the house back in order after a fun weekend spent away in Tulsa and hanging out on the lake. I’ll be doing laundry and watching cartoons with Skyler, but I’m already thoroughly enjoying it. Maybe if my sunburn is recovered enough, we’ll even go spend some time at a pool! Have I ever mentioned how much I love summer?

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  1. This gives me hope. We have just started the potty training basics with our one year old. Cross your fingers for luck!

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