Poetry is for anxious writers

Writing is therapeutic for me, but like anything in my life, it’s easy to overthink. When my anxiety is high I get overwhelmed by the idea of writing a blog post. I don’t have the energy to compose and clarify, edit and smooth. So I just don’t do it. Which leads to stifling and bottling up of my thoughts, which I must corral and release for my health.

My therapist asked if I ever just journal in free form thoughts, without worrying about how it reads or who’s going to read it. Which I do, a little. But part of the joy in writing for me is the ability to connect and build relationships, which doesn’t happen in the confines of my bound paper journal. But free verse poetry is something I love to read and might be the perfect solution for my fickle mental discipline. More importantly, realizing and honing my artistic outlets is something I’m trying to fit into this life more. I know it’s one of the most original and intimate parts of me, and a gift I cannot keep to myself for fear or logistics or any other reason.

So, I’m introducing free verse poetry to this blog. And without further adieu, my poetic debut, about…poetry.

I’m tired

I’m unsure

Fear and discomfort constantly nag

The ideas and images

Thoughts and dreams

Swim in my brain like a current

Without form, boundaries or direction

There is beauty in the rough

The vague

The impulsive

Scattered thoughts for a scattered life

Raw sense for the moment.

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