Pinch me

After weekends like this one, I think my life might be a good dream from which I should be waking up soon. There was nothing spectacular; it was one of those laid back weekends with lots of time spent at home with no major agenda, mixed with some good times catching up with friends and family. But, it was just all around good.

Friday we [finally] had another couple over who we wish we would get to spend more time with. Ronnie grilled steak, we drank wine, and we even sat out back with the chimnea lit. Best of all, Skyler wasn’t shy, and she just loved our friends, giving them lots of smiles and even showing off some of her cute tricks. She knows that when she hugs her stuffed animals, everyone around says “awwww!” So she did it over and over, and would look at everyone, expectantly awaiting our response.

Saturday, Skyler and I went to lunch with a friend of mine and got to meet her 6 month old son for the first time. He and Skyler were so good at the restaurant, attracting lots of attention from the staff and other restaurant patrons, because there was just too much cuteness going on at one table! We had a great time catching up and seeing each other’s kids. I couldn’t believe, again, how social Skyler was. She wasn’t afraid of anyone that talked to her, and she’d just smile and make silly faces. After lunch Skyler and I went for a nice long walk in the gorgeous weather, which put her to sleep in the stroller. I thought that was a nice cue so I myself took a nap once we got home!

Today I took a nice run down to the Plaza, and instead of turning around once I reached the edge of it, I decided to continue my run through it. It’s such a nice area I’m so glad I did! Since it was morning, the Plaza was much quieter, as stores hadn’t even opened for Sunday, so the only patrons were people that got up to eat at the restaurants that offered brunch. Later we went to my parents to see my step-Aunt Michelle who was in town from Hawaii. We had a nice dinner visiting with her and playing with Skyler. Michelle hadn’t seen Skyler since Christmas, so she really enjoyed seeing how much she’s changed and grown up. Of course Skyler had to show off her burgeoning crawling skills, and also her dancing abilities. Then when everyone had dessert, Skyler would point at each person’s bowl and grunt until they’d share their dessert with her. Apparently she likes pumpkin bread and whip cream!

Ronnie and I have joked all weekend long about how Skyler is such a “bad baby,” and how “she should get so many spankings,” because in reality, she is just such a joy to us! She just plays happily with her toys or spends her time trying to entertain us. She’s figured out how to get a reaction out of us and so she will do the same things over and over that make us laugh. It’s so fun to see her initiate this kind of interaction. She’s just becoming so much of her own little unique person, I’m amazed and overjoyed all the time. I can’t imagine how we were so blessed to have her in our lives!

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