Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

Any of my readers who may be on Twitter or Facebook may have noticed me doing a little “blog pimping” as of late. I’ve been trying to increase awareness of my blog’s existence in order to build momentum & traffic for some fun stuff I’ve got coming up. I’m still weary of mentioning too much in case something falls through. But if all goes well, I’m going to need a little help from friends, family, and any other nice readers once this thing gets going.

It feels weird, this blog pimping. It is very unlike me to jump & and down in a large crowd yelling “look at me! Notice me! I’m cool so please pay attention to me!” But that’s exactly what this feels like when I link to my blog posts on Twitter/Facebook updates. And, it’s a legitimate way to drive traffic to a website – we do this at work for our revenue generating websites, so why not try it with my personal one?

I still feel narcissistic and creepy. But there are worse things…

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  1. […] June 25, 2009 I’m so excited to finally have another purpose for this blog, other than talking about myself and my family! Sure, it’s a great outlet for me to express myself and a way to keep friends and family up to date, but sometimes it does feel self-centered, especially if I’m pimpin’ it. […]

  2. Don’t worry about being a narcissist. I do the same thing too, and I don’t have a valid reason for it. I just like to talk about myself and want everyone to know it. 🙂

    I’d be glad to add a link to your blog if you’d like, just let me know.

  3. Let me know once it becomes final and I’ll make sure I start pushing your blog out there too. 🙂

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