Our Ride Home From Daycare

Skyler: Skyler wide in car. Skyler bye-bye in car. Skyler bye-bye in car home.
Me: Yep, say “Bye-bye Darlene!”
Skyler: Bye Bye Daryeen! Bye bye Wowen (Owen). Wowen go home. Wowen go home.
Me: What about Owen’s sister Ella?
Skyler: Elya go home. Elya bye bye go home. Benben (Benjamin) go home. Jackon (Jackson) go home. Wywee (Riley) bye bye go home. Wywee go home.
Me: Did Sydney go home?
Skyler: Sinnee gone. Sinnee gone home. Sinnee bye bye home.
(a few moments pass)
Skyler: Mimmix (music) off. Mimmix OFF!!!
Me: You want me to turn the music off?
Skyler: Yaaaah. Mimmix off.
(a few moments of SILENCE as we go by a pasture)
Me: Look over there. Are the horses there?
Skyler: Horsees horsees horsees! Where da horsees? I see horsees. I see horsees. Where?
Me: It’s raining, they must’ve gone inside.
Skyler: Horsees inside. Its waineen. Horsees inside.
(silence till stoplight)
Skyler: I see car. I see car. Ky-ett (quiet?) car.
Me: Quiet car? Huh?
Skyler: Quiet car. Car seepeen.
Me: That car is sleeping?
Skyler: Yaaaah. Car seepeen.
Me: Hmm. Okay.
Skyler: Daddy seepeen. Daddy seepeen.
Me: Daddy was sleeping this morning? Yes, yes he was.
Skyler: Skyler seepeen. Daddy rockee. Daddy turn mimmix on.
Me: Yes, Last night Daddy rocked you with the music on and you fell asleep!
Skyler: Yaaaah.
Skyler: I wan Daddy. Daddy hugs. Daddy hugs (I look in the rearview mirror and she’s hugging Pink Bear).
Me: Aw, yes you can give Daddy hugs when we get home.
Skyler: Daddy kisses. Daddy kisses (as she’s kissing Pink Bear on the nose).
Me: Yep! You can give Daddy hugs and kisses when we get home. He’ll be so happy to see you!
Skyler: Back home. Bye bye back home.
Me: We’re almost home!
Skyler: Back home!

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  1. Aw, how sweet. You are going to love that you are documenting Skyler’s life with such detail. You will have to print a blog book one of these days.

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