Our Baby Bodybuilder

Skyler had her 1 year visit to the doctor last week. Besides the fact that she was furious the entire time, it otherwise went good. She got the typical rundown: weight/length check, ear check, and shots. At our previous visit, (around 10 and 1/2 months), the doctor did not want us to rush in getting Skyler off the bottle yet. She wanted her to continue drinking lots of formula along with her other solid foods to help keep her weight on track since she was still barely on the growth charts. This time, when she saw all Skyler’s teeth, she said the bottle needed to go. However, she said we should continue to feed her formula from a cup, or whole milk with a protein supplement from a cup. I asked her where to get a protein supplement and she said “go to the health food/pharmacy section of the grocery store, and you can buy those big bags or tubs of whey protein.”

Oh, whey protein. Like the ten tubs of Muscle Milk we have sitting on the top of our fridge? Yep, that’s exactly what she was talking about. So, like her Mommy and Daddy, Skyler gets to start drinking protein shakes! This should be no problem at all as her Daddy has been giving her sips of his for months now, and she loves them. Sure enough, I mixed her a strawberry flavored one the other day, and she drank it from a real cup until it was gone, with barely a break. This is a big sigh of relief for me – no more stinky formula!!!

In other news, we have Skyler’s 1 year photo session coming up on Tuesday afternoon. Right now the weatherman is calling for rain, and I really hope he is wrong! We really want to go to the park for some nice outdoor shots. One way or another, I’m sure Rebecca will have no problem getting some great shots!

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