One to go

By 1 a.m. this morning, Skyler’s blood pressure meds were turned off, leaving only the Milrinone running at a low dose. Last night they went ahead and removed the oxygen tubes in her nose since her oxygen had been safely off for several hours. Ronnie was able to feed her from a bottle last night and this morning, and she ate very well. And best of all, she finally pooped!

This morning when I came in, she was wide awake and looking around. She held my hand for a bit and played with my fingers like she always loved to do. The wonderful thing was that she was awake for several minutes and not crying! It seems we’ve got her pain meds figured out, and she’s getting a lot stronger on top of it. I saw her yawn for the first time since after her surgery, and it was one of those adorable, long yawns where she sighs at the end of it. I think she’s on her way back to us!

The latest report from the doctor is that if she continues off her meds for today and tonight, there is a good chance we can move out of PICU tomorrow. Hopefully after that it’s not long till we can go home!

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