One more important post today!

Little Catherine Cook, the 5-year-old girl that was shot in the head back in February, whose parents we got to know at Children’s Mercy, got to go home! My friend sent me a text that she was on the news tonight, so I went to ABC website and found the story. I am so happy for them! My heart just wells up with thankfulness and relief for them, and to see the improvement in Catherine on the video is a miracle! Last time we saw her, she was still unconscious and in a wheel chair, with involuntary movement on only one side of her body. Now she is awake and walking! I only wish I had gotten their contact information before we left so we could stay in touch. The Cooks were such amazing, faithful people. They were praying for Skyler’s recovery as we prayed for Catherine’s. It’s so great to see prayers answered! Please check out the video to see their story.


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