On the horizon…

Our vacation is finally within my sights! It’s close enough that I’ve got a meeting with my boss on Friday to go over the plan for while I’m gone. It’s close enough that I informed Skyler’s daycare about her schedule while we’re gone. And it’s close enough that we’re actually in the month of our vacation!

We did have a change of plans that I hope ends up for the better. Originally, we booked Dreams Puerto Vallarta, a sister resort to the amazing place we stayed on our honeymoon. The quality and service was why we chose it. However our travel agent contacted us a few weeks ago stating that since it was off-season, they were going to be doing some refurbishing, closing one tower, one restaurant, and one bar. We were a bit weary of this since it’s not a huge resort in the first place. This vacation is so overdue, we did not want any inconveniences! So, we did some more research and decided to book the brand-spankin’-new-opening-this-coming-Saturday Riu Palace Pacifico. It is the same chain we were supposed to visit on our cancelled Cabo San Lucas vacation last June. We were a little unsure about booking a brand new resort as well, because what if they aren’t fully staffed or finished with the construction? I emailed and got confirmation from Riu that they will be fully open this weekend, and read on some travel message boards that they almost opened earlier this week because everything was finished. So that’s reassuring! Also reassuring is the fact they are a huge, established hotel chain around the world, so they’ve got to be pretty experienced in opening new resorts. And if for some reason things aren’t totally open and functioning, they have two sister resorts close by that we will have full privileges at if we need to go somewhere to escape the hammering!

I’m so excited for this trip that I want to get out my suitcase and start packing already! I got a few new things to wear, and I almost didn’t even hang them in my closet. I’ve also started tanning to build up my skin so I don’t burn the first day we’re there. Now if I can just get Ronnie on the ball to do the same. He’s not much one for sunblock, so we can’t have a sunburn ruining our trip!

I will say, I’m going to have a hard time saying goodbye to Skyler. I can’t help the nerves of thinking about being so far away from her, not to mention my growing fear of flying in airplanes. But I’ll just try to focus on the fun of vacation, and having fun with Skyler between now and then, and hopefully the goodbye won’t be as bad as I think!

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