Oh no, not again!

Skyler has recently been less interested in her bottle again. It is a chore to get 20 ounces down her in a day, and I just read that babies her age should be getting 28 – 35 ounces per day! The last couple days, she may have gotten fifteen ounces each day. Meanwhile, she still loves nearly any other pureed baby food I put in her mouth, as long as it is very smooth and non-lumpy. Hence, Third Foods are out of the question because if soft rice and mini-noodle balls don’t immediately get ejected by way of tongue-thrust, she will gag on them instead. So far, foods with any texture are not her thing!

This not eating the bottle thing is concerning to me, because it is a possible symptom of another heart problem, though it is not accompanied by sweating, which was the previous case for her. She still seems super happy these days, and when she doesn’t eat, it usually seems she just wants to play with the nearest object in her reach instead of focus on the bottle. So maybe, it’s not an issue at all and just a part of growing up and finding other things of interest than just eating, sleeping, and pooping! I will put in a call to her doctor just to make sure.

Other recent developments:
– She loves to drink water out of a cup, grown-up style. She has no interest in a sippy spout. This is not looking good for developing her independent feeding skills without spilling water everywhere!
– She loves to bite noses. When she’s feeling silly, I can put my face close to hers, she’ll grab my ears with both hands, open her mouth wide, and pull my nose into it, gumming it as hard as she can. She even growls sometimes! We think it’s her way of kissing…which will have to change sooner of later when she gets teeth or tries biting other people!
– As mentioned above, still no teeth!
– She’s working on her consonant sounds, and has the cutest babble I’ve ever heard. The best is when she has her hand in her mouth and tries to talk. It’s all muffled and gurgly sounding.
– She can sit without falling forward, but will still fall backward if not supported. We learned the hard way on the floor the other day. Ouch!
– No signs of normal mobility – she prefers to roll around on the floor, and will twist and inchworm her way for whatever she wants. She seems perfectly fine with that method, versus learning to crawl or walk.

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  1. hank bites us but does it more out of affection (and it feels good on his gums/teeth). he also will sometimes grab our face real hard. it hurts! he doesn’t understand that though.

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