No Limits

Some inspiration Ronnie and I have been working on…

Skyler was born with a heart condition. Despite a blockage in her aorta, her heart grew bigger to meet the needs of her body. She was weak, and her heart hurt, but it did not stop. She fought through the pain and found the energy to survive. It took sacrifice. And even after the transformation to a new stronger heart began, she fought. Her anger against breathing treatments and blood draws were heard loud and clear through the hospital walls. But that attitude and tenacity for life was inspiring. She never quit despite the grave challenges and pain she had to face. And through it all, her heart never reached a limit. It was never too weak, and will never be too strong. It is a reminder to all of us for what we are mentally and physically capable. And for that there is no limit.

If we are continually inspired by her, there are no limits to what we can do in this life? Thinking, spinning, imagining, dreaming………


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