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It’s amazing how when the drama in your life slows down, so does your website traffic!

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Skyler keeps showing us her “new” personalities. I can’t believe how much she smiles and laughs now. We thought she was happy before, but we had no idea! It’s so easy to get a big smile and giggles. She’s even laughing at Bruno now – every time I let him give me kisses where she could see, she would just giggle like that was the funniest thing. The other night I laid her in her crib and said “I love you” and she just cracked up. What’s funny about that? But I kept saying it and she kept laughing at me from her bed. I think she’s actually laughed as much in the last few days as she had in her whole life before surgery! I just always thought she had a very discerning sense of humor.

Today I put my face close to hers while she was on her playmat. She reached out her hand to touch my face and grabbed my nose with the most amazing strength , digging her nails in as hard as she could squeeze. I winced, and she grinned with pleasure! I was in the next room for a few moments and heard her yell a few times. It wasn’t a cry or anything negative – she was just practicing her voice. I’d never heard it so loud just for the fun of it!

And we are finally seeing some normal “waking endurance.” Our girl used to only stay awake for one and a half to two hours before needing a nap. The last two evenings, she has stayed awake for four hours! It’s been nice to have her awake while we are home in the evenings! She’s still sleeping good at night too. I’ve heard her crying in the middle of the night a few times, but when I check on her, she’s sound asleep. She’s probably just having bad dreams of getting her blood drawn or something terrifying like that!

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  1. wow, that’s amazing that she’s immediately more active. what a change! i’ve always wished hank would nap more!

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