Nickname Update

I’ve got some new nicknames for Skyler to add to the list. Of course, these all came from her Daddy!

1. Whopper – she’s not even big, but her Daddy likes the Whopper commercials (“Get me a WHOPPER!”), so somehow, she became a whopper.

2. Whop Whop – obviously a form of the above nickname

3. Flopper – same as above

4. Plopper – need I say more?

Second day of daycare went great again! Lynde said she is such a joy to have around. She actually said she wished she could clone her so all her daycare babies would be that sweet! Aw, make Momma’s heart melt!

Meanwhile, so many friends are having babies in the next days and weeks. Just this month, a friend and coworker will be meeting his firstborn in a matter of days, a longtime childhood friend is having her first on Friday, another coworker is having hers on Valentine’s day, and another friend of mine is having hers the week after that! Then March and April come, and there are a few more! I am so excited for all these people. I have the fondest memories of having Skyler, and every day has been even better than the one before! I wish all these parents-to-be the same joy that Skyler has brought us!

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