More meds

We aren’t getting any closer to getting off the meds. We’re just getting farther away. They increased Skyler’s heart meds again around midnight last night. They also called for a new longer lasting pain medication to help control her comfort so maybe she could take less Morphine. We don’t want to have to battle Morphine withdrawals when that time comes, so hopefully this way we can phase that out. Her pressures are a little high again this morning so her nurse said we’d talk to the docs when they made their rounds to see if the meds need to change again. I know it’s the best for her right now, but when will we be able to start weaning her and work on getting out of here? It’s getting frustrating because it just feels like we’re going backwards.

The nurses have been much better last night and today. Our nurse today has barely left the room, and has been really watching Skyler’s vitals closely. She even takes her blood pressure more often than the cuff is set to run just to see if it’s going down or up. I forgot to to mention about our nurse yesterday that she never wrote down any of Sky’s vitals on her charts the entire day! They are supposed to do those charts every two hours so the docs can do a quick review of her vitals when they come around. Seriously, that’s about the most basic part of her job and she couldn’t even write that stuff down! So glad we’re done with her.

Skyler was a little more awake this morning than we’d seen her since surgery. Her eyes were not as glazed over and she seemed to focus on our faces a lot more. She even made some different eyebrow expressions. It was nice to see for a moment. I’m getting really worn down from all this. Even though we’re over the hump, everything is just wearing on me. I’ve been pretty emotional because I’m really starting to miss my daughter. Even though she’s physically only a few feet away from me, I haven’t seen the real Skyler for several days now. Actually weeks, really. I miss holding her and playing with her, and making her laugh. She has the best laugh. She’ll laugh so hard that she chokes on her own laugh and starts gurgling spit with the biggest grin on her face. It’s so adorable and I can’t wait to experience that again! I’m actually thinking about going home to get her big smile photo that Rebecca took and bringing it in a frame to set in our room here. It will be a reminder of what we have to look forward to. And I’d love for her nurses to actually see what a great smile she has. They have no idea since she’s usually crying when they mess with her!

Please continue to pray for Sky’s heart to heal. The more it heals, the sooner we can get her off her heart meds and move off this floor and ultimately back home.

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  1. Still praying for Skyler! She will soon be better and you will have your beautiful little girl back to you.

  2. Hey there girl! I’m at home today fighting a migraine, but I had to get my Skyler update. Its best for me to read these at home, since being a mom now I am so emotional, espically when it comes to little ones. I know everyone keeps saying this, but you 2 keep being strong, My family continues to pray for all of you. Don’t worry about her having lasting effects from pain meds, although I dont remember all the stuff I went through as a newborn, I know I had plenty of meds running through me and I’d lke to say I turned out pretty well =) She needs those pain meds, babys dont need to feel any of that pain. Give lil Skyler a kiss from the Gerken family=)

  3. Although it’s only been a few weeks, it’s been a long road for you and your family…I’m sure it feels like forever! Everything will be fine….Skyler’s a fighter and she will get through this! Remember that you and Ronnie need to take care of yourselves, so you can take care of that beautiful little girl!! Scott and I are thinking of you guys constantly. We’ll be praying Skyler will be smiling and laughing at her mommy and daddy soon!!

  4. We are all definately still praying. I know you all are frustrated and tired, but right now you’re where you need to be. I’m so sorry that you all are having to go through this. Hopefully it will be over soon and you can continue to move on as a family.

  5. Getting the picture sounds like a great idea!
    You are doing such a great job. There aren’t many harder things that a mom has to handle. You are such an amazing example for all of us moms!
    We’ll keep praying as hard as we can. Know that we are all thinking about Skyler hundreds of times every day!

  6. LORI!
    Your family is so strong — I can’t imagine how hard this is for you guys — keep in there! I think that is a great idea about the picture — it is all about keeping the goal in mind! We are still thinking about you guys and little Sky!

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