March 3.

I will never forget this date.

Etched in my mind
The darkness that was one year ago today.
The fear of the unknown.
Of so much to lose.

Sickness. Questions. More Questions. Testing. Waiting. Cancer? No God no please not her! More testing. Praying. Waiting. Heart condition? Relief? Confusion. Testing. Waiting. Testing. Diagnosis:

Heart condition.

The baby’s heart is too large. Because one part is too small. It is wearing out quickly. It’s a miracle she lasted this long.

Surgery imminent. Go now!
Questions – Why? How did this happen? Why didn’t we know better?
Tears of fear. Hope. Guilt. What parent doesn’t know their child is dying?

Children’s hospital – chaos, questions, waiting. Please let me in to see my daughter!

Stabilized. Peace. Just hold on little one. Be strong as long as it takes till the operation. We are here. We love you. Don’t give up!

6 responses to “March 3.”

  1. God Bless your little family.
    I miss you all. Skyler would reach for me and let me hold her even though I didn’t know how to play with her. Too old!!!!!

  2. I am without words.
    I am so very happy that Skyler is with us today.


  3. You all have had quit a year. It seems like just yesterday that we got the news. Our hearts broke for you and for Miss Skyler. As it has been said many times before, your little Skyler is an Angel. She is so precious and I love hearing how well she is doing now! What she has been through doesn’t make her who she is, but it makes her stronger for living through it! Thank God (literally); I do! Please give her extra hugs and kisses tonight for all of us who love her.

    Miss you guys,

    The Kents

  4. Wow! It has been a year since the actual diagnosis. What an emotional day! Thank God for taking care of Skyler and allowing her to continually grow healthy and strong! Hugs to you!

  5. It seems like yesterday but yet eons ago. And looking back, two things occur to me. One, it is like the Lord gave you Skyler twice. It’s a rare priviledge to be given, just remember it when she’s a trying teenager! Two, she’s a strong little girl. To think she was fighting for her life and yet could still smile. It begs the question, what does God have in store for her that He kept her going despite terrible odds? I’m so thankful that she was born in this time in history where doctors had the knowledge and skill to fix this. What would have been the outcome a hundred years ago? God is good.

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