Mama, I’m comin’ home!


It’s official! Skyler gets to come home today! The cardiology team just came in and went over everything with us and said they would get all her stuff together for us (paperwork, prescriptions, etc.) and we should be able to head out as soon as I finish my CPR class this afternoon. My heart feels like it’s going to bust out of my chest with joy and relief! And I think Skyler knows too, she gave the cardiac team members lots of smiles when they came in, and an especially big smile to the cardiologist. Since they left the room she’s just been babbling away in her crib.

Last night she and I had lots of laughs together. Yes, you heard it, I was able to produce some giggles from my girl! It was wonderful to hear that goofy, gurgly laugh again. She’s been eating well too. Four to five ounces of formula, plus a nice helping of cereal afterward. Unfortunately, this morning she didn’t keep her cereal down because we tried to give her the awful potassium supplement. I gave her one teeny little squirt in her mouth mixed with grape juice, she spit it out, and then puked up her entire breakfast. That was simultaneous with the cardiac team rounding, so they decided to nix the potassium supplement from her scripts. They’d rather her get nutrients through her formula and cereal than puke it up for the sake of potassium. I agree! But as long as she’s on her Lasix, we’ll have to keep a good eye on her potassium levels since it lowers it. The doctor feels that if she’s eating well, it shouldn’t be a problem. He also said we could give her bananas to help with potassium. Apparently 5 inches of banana has the amount of potassium that equals her supplement! So I guess bananas will be Skyler’s next food to try. Hopefully she likes them!

They said her sonogram looked about the same as the one they did on Monday, but that her heart was constricting quicker, which is a great sign! They said it could be months or years before her heart is back to normal, but that she would be improving every day from now on. They just told us things to watch out for to make sure she doesn’t have problems again. Symptoms included breathing issues, trouble eating, and sweating. Hmmm….sound familiar? I think we know exactly what to watch for now that we know! They think she will most likely be able to lead a normal life, except maybe never be able to run a marathon. I said “that’s okay. She already ran one with me when I was unknowingly four weeks pregnant!”

We want to thank everyone again from the bottom of our hearts (and Skyler’s heart) for all your prayers and support. It would’ve been a lot harder road without everyone’s help! Now, if the next few hours could just go by so we can get on our way home…

12 responses to “Mama, I’m comin’ home!”

  1. Sooooo…excited for you guys! Now life can start getting back to normal again!!! Never thought you’d be so happy to be “normal and routine” huh!?!?!? Hee, hee, hee!

  2. YAAAAAY!!!! I’m so glad to hear the news. We’ll keep praying that everything keeps going good.

  3. That is such great news!! We’ll continue to pray for you guys the next couple of weeks/months 🙂

  4. That’s FANTASTIC news, Lori! I’ll keep sending prayers your way for Skyler to continue to recover well but at HOME now! 🙂

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