Making a difference

I’ve recently started getting interested in non-profit, philanthropic issues. It started with getting involved with Team in Training because I wanted to run a marathon. Along with that training I have also raised close to $5,000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and I’m still going! I have to admit it’s harder this time around, now that I’m a mom, but, I”ll get it done!

But I have a new philanthropic interest that I discovered at work. Our company is now lending money to third-world entrepreneurs through a website called It is so cool! Anyone (like me, even!) can make a loan as small as $25 to a person/company found in this site’s database. You can see what their start-up business plan is so that you can see if it is a new business you’d like to support. It’s not completely charitable because you get your “donated” money paid back. But it is charitable because it allows people to make a difference and help decrease world poverty by helping people with great business ideas but little opportunity, get their businesses off the ground! Check out how one of our company websites is helping make the world a more beautiful place!


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