Lettuce wraps, spatulas, and canoes

1) Jimmy John’s lettuce wraps are my new favorite thing! Jimmy’s always has good sandwiches, but as I’m [still] attempting to get back down to my desired weight, I try to do the low-carb thing, so sandwiches are usually not an option. I know lettuce wraps are nothing new as an alternative to bread or buns, but Jimmy’s must be the best ones I’ve ever tried. I don’t know what it is, but I’m a huge fan now! It makes a low carb meal not as much of a drag.

2) Near my work there is a strip mall of sorts. It’s a little more on the industrial side of things – I suppose its B2B and not much there for consumers, however I’ve recently been noticing a place called “Spatula Central” and I have to take a double take every time I see it. Is it really a place that specializes in only spatulas? If I were to go there, would I find wall-to-wall spatulas, and how would they be organized? “By type:” metal, plastic, rubber, wooden, etc. Or maybe they’d be by use: egg spatulas on aisle 2 – they couldn’t just be your garden variety spatulas, I mean surely they have spatulas that are better than others for omelet-making, which would be next to the best egg-scrambling-spatula ever, which would certainly be different than the omelet spatula, because if you can have a store called “Spatula Central”, there MUST BE a major market for unique spatulas! I think we own 2 spatulas, one that is kind of medium-sized and square (scrambled eggs), and one that is larger and round (flipping pancakes). Although they both seem to work perfectly well for any time we have use for a spatula, so really, this whole idea of an entire store called “Spatula Central” just completely blows my mind!

3) Today we are headed to a remote part of Missouri for our “annual” canoe trip (which is the first time annually since 2005 since we and our friends have been busy expanding our families in the passed couple years). Skyler went to Grandma’s for the weekend, so now I’m faced with packing for the trip. I’m really hoping we still own all the camping/floating gear that I’ve collected throughout the years, because I realize that since we’ve lived in this house, we haven’t gone on a float trip. It’s quite possible some things never made it in the move! So, i should head out to the shed and see what kind of gear I can dig up. That’s all for now!

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