Last Hoorah

Tonight is my last night in my twenties. Instead of celebrating the last day of my youth like a rockstar, I’m sitting at my computer blogging while my two-year-old does her best nudist impression, and I’m making a grocery list to get ingredients for the avocado soup I’m making for lunch tomorrow.

Whew! The only way to make this night crazier would be to wear a feather boa. To the grocery store!

Maybe I’m being too hard on myself, since after all, it’s a Wednesday night. We are planning to celebrate this Friday at my favorite Mexican restaurant with my favorite margaritas, and I’m very much looking forward to that. But I’ll already be old by then.

This transition to my thirties in one way is no big deal. I feel the same and look the same (though in my early twenties I wasn’t Photoshopping the dark circles and lines out of pictures of me, which OF COURSE I’m not doing at all nowadays either). However sometimes I get a tinge of jealousy when hearing the stories from some of my younger coworkers about their lives that do seem to have much less responsibility than mine. But again, that really has nothing to do with age.

It is sobering to think my life is 1/3 over, most likely. And ten years ago I was in college which feels like yesterday, but in ten more years I’ll be one day shy of FORTY. I’m sure then I won’t feel that much different than I do now either (and I still won’t be Photoshopping aged imperfections out of my photos, OF COURSE).

But again, it’s a reminder, like I mentioned in this post, I gotta take advantage of life and every opportunity. They may seem few and far between as a working mother and wife as I get stuck in the day-to-day, but maybe the opportunities just look different right now. They might look more like making homemade snowflakes as a family, rather than cruising around the Caribbean. And I’m okay with that. Life is always changing, sometimes suddenly but most of the time gradually, and hopefully I can adjust and make the best of the life that I’m in, whether in my twenties or my thirties.

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  1. And in 10 years you’ll be staring down the barrel of being the mom of a teenage girl. Whew!

    But considering the fact that I’ll be 40 in June I’m not feeling too sorry for you as you turn 30. 😛 You ARE one of my younger co-workers.

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