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My coworker sent me a website link and then I heard the same commercial on the radio, so I had to check it out. There is a contest for Kansas City area “mommy bloggers” to test drive a new Chevy Traverse for 8 weeks and blog about it. Since I am already in the market for a new, bigger vehicle, of course I will enter this! The following is what I entered for my “50 words or less” of why I should be chosen (they’ll pick 5 winners):

#1 – I love to blog!
#2 – I’m already searching for a newer, bigger vehicle than my Jetta since I do 99% of transporting my daughter around town.
#3 – I work in Internet marketing so being a part of a social online promotion is right up my alley!

So, wish me luck! Send lots of winning vibes my way. And not that I want any more competition, but for my fellow KC mommy bloggers – go to www.mommymadnesskc.com if you want to enter also!

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  1. […] for fear that things will fall through as soon as I do, but it seems I have been chosen for the KC Traverse Mom Squad. A rep from CBS Radio who is partnering with Chevy on this thing contacted me last week to get the […]

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