Is progress impossible?

I swear my scale is broken. It must have been the kind that has only one weight programmed into it, and it only fluctuates a couple pounds above or below that weight (usually above, though). I have been 135 since I bought this scale back in February or March. I’ve had various phases involving consistent, intense workout and good nutrition, but no matter what, it will not change! I’ve even had times when I’ve been lazy and not worked out for a couple weeks, and my weight doesn’t change (i know, that’s a good thing, but get my point here!). I’ve always been one to lose a quick five pounds at the start of a new fitness kick, but then struggle with anything after five as I plateau. Maybe now I’m stuck on one giant plateau? It’s so frustrating! I even change my workout up all the time. Every week I do something different. I might run a few times one week and mix in some weight training, and then the next week do cardio workout videos, and then the next week a combination of all three. I try to keep things interesting and challenging enough that no one workout ever gets “easy.” But I still see no progress.

It’s been three weeks since I started this trek to lose ten pounds in 7 – 10 weeks, and my weight is still 135. Sure, I’ve had a couple misteps along the way due to various birthdays or other celebrations where there was cake involved, but I’ve made conscious choices to attempt to counterbalance those few bad treats with other very low calorie, healthy meals in the same day. It is so frustrating.

At least I know that I’m healthier. Even if the weight doesn’t change and I can’t see any visible progress, I know my body is stronger. I do feel better, naturally. I love that feeling of soreness you get when you know you worked your muscles hard! I’ve had that quite often lately, along with increased sustained energy throughout the day. I just wish these good feelings would translate into visible weight loss either on the scale or in my clothing!

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