I’m typing the first blog post on my new laptop, out on the deck in this lovely evening, while Ronnie and Skyler pick mulberries.

My lack of blogging has not been a lack of words or photos, but more of a logistical issue that when I’m blogging, I’m stuck at the desktop computer in our spare bedroom, editing/uploading photos or composing, away from Ronnie and Skyler who are enjoying themselves in other parts of the house or playing outside. It’s a conflict every time I want to post, and it’s like I have to choose the blog vs them, so I’ve been choosing them.

But last weekend we took Nebraska Furniture Mart up on one of there no-interest-for-a-thousand-years offers and bought a laptop. And it is lovely (how much of a geek am I that I can use the word love and laptop in the same sentence?)! We’ve also been piloting a telecommute program at work, so it will be making my work-from-home experience a little more enjoyable if
I can get comfy on the couch or go outside on the deck instead of being stuck in that little room all day.

Not to mention, Skyler enjoys watching youtube videos of Dora and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so really it’s a win for the whole family!

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