Overall today Skyler’s stats have shown improvement. Her heart rate has been in the 140’s – 150’s most of the time. Yesterday and the day before she was in the 170’s – 180’s. Her respiratory rate has come down also to the 40’s versus the 70’s. All much closer to where they want her to be, so that is great! She’s had some good naps too and a couple good playtimes. She has her security blanket from home here. Today she fell asleep with it over her face, which is what she does at home if the room is too bright. She is smart enough to block the light! It was great to see her do that because that is one of her unique traits, so glimpses of her personality despite being sick are so encouraging!

We still have no idea when surgery will occur. Depending on who we talk to it’s within days, a week, or weeks. Frustrating! But everyone says her lungs are looking and sounding great which is the main concern for surgery, so they are watching closely to make the decision as soon as possible.

We are hanging in there. I went and got some magazines and puzzle books and more stuff from home to make us more comfortable too. Hopefully tonight we can get some good rest as well! We continue to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts. It’s amazing the love and support that you all are providing!

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  1. Lori – Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you guys out. I know you’re going to spend a lot of time at the hospital, so if you want me to bring you food or anything else, I’m absolutely more than willing to help out how I can.

    Keeping all 3 of you in my thoughts and prayers. 🙂

  2. Hi Lori – Hope you and Ronnie were able to get some rest last night. Good news that Skylar’s stats are improving. I don’t much about RSV, but I’m sure that having that will cause her stats to be less than normal. Perhaps as they improve that will be an indication that the RSV is improving also. Children’s is a wonderful hospital and I know that you will quickly get into a routine there, and make your little area your own. They are so good at explaining things, and I really believe that everyone who works there has a heart for the kiddos they treat. You and Ronnie can even slip away when Gramma and Grampa are there and have a little date down at the cafeteria ( 50’s style). It’s important that you guys take care of yourselves too. Especially since you are in the waiting mode. Please, please call if you need anything or just want to talk. We’ve put Skylar on our prayer list, and just continue to pray for all of you.


  3. Lori-
    I have pasted all the news onto my prayer group and they are praying for your family, your surgeons, and Skyler’s quick recovery. Let us know if there is anything that Chris and I can do for you. If you need ANYTHING, please do not hesitate to call and let me know. We are there for you. I have checked this probably every hour looking for an update and praying for good news. I’m glad that she is getting some rest and hope that you and Ronnie can too. We continue to hold you all in our thoughts and prayers, and send lots of love your direction.

  4. Thats sounds great!! Keep taking care of each other…we are thinking about you all.

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