If you don’t use it, you lose it!

This holds true for many skills, but for me, especially my graphic design skills! Back when I first started this blog, I had the [now lofty] intentions of designing my own fancy header, including photos of Skyler and maybe Ronnie and me. I actually found the time to sit down and work on it on a few occasions, but nothing ever inspired me enough to finish it. Furthermore, I felt like a complete novice at using Photoshop to be creative! Luckily, I had a lovely header designed my friend and photographer, the infamous Rebecca, back in March, so at least I had a nice custom header to get me by.

To my pleasant surprise, she emailed me this morning, itching to use some new fonts she had gotten, and offered an updated header. How could I say no, after 5 months of zero success in designing my own? I mentioned that I’d love to see some pics of Skyler in it, but not to worry about it till she had time on her hands (uh, when would that be? Have you read her blog?). Long about 15 minutes later there was an attachment in my inbox of the sweet header now shown at the top of the blog! Rebecca – thanks so much, AGAIN!

In other Rebecca news, we officially scheduled Skyler’s 1 year photo shoot for October 7. Yes, I know, her 1st birthday is September 11, nearly a month prior. But I was lazy – er – BUSY, and didn’t get on Rebecca’s calendar in time before she booked up! So a few weeks late it is. Years from now, those few weeks won’t make a bit of difference! I just hope we get a warm enough day, because I really want to dress Skyler in a cute dress for some outdoor shots. I suppose I’ll just be forced to purchase several cute outfits so we have something for every weather possibility. I’m sure it will be painful shopping…

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